My ex is filing bankruptcy. How will that effect my spousal & child support?

It shouldn't.  According to the Bankruptcy Code, domestic support obligations (i.e. spousal and child support) are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy won't allow for support to be placed on hold, or for the support to be modified. 

Additionally, if someone owes back payments of child or spousal support, bankruptcy will not wipe out these obligations.  In fact, if the paying individual files a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the entire amount of past due child and spousal support has to be repaid through the repayment plan.

Generally the only way child support can be modified is if the paying parent realizes a change in income.  In that case, the paying parent can file a motion to modify the support order.  If granted, that still does not relieve the paying parent of any back owed child support. 

Bottom line - if you are granted child or spousal support, it should be unaffected by a bankruptcy. 

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