Will I have to go to court when I file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

You do have to attend an administrative hearing called a "341 Hearing" or "Meeting of the Creditors."  While the majority of the time no creditors appear, it is possible that one or more of your creditors may be present to ask questions. This hearing is not in a courtroom and is not in front of a Judge. It is conducted by the Chapter 7 Trustee assigned to your case. The purpose of the hearing is for the Chapter 7 trustee to ask you questions about your assets to determine if there is any asset that the trustee might be able to sell or liquidate to help pay your unsecured creditors. On occasion, a secured creditor, such as the creditor on your car or furniture, may appear to ask you about the collateral on their loan. There will be an attorney at your hearing with you and we will provide you a list of the questions that you will probably be asked before the hearing.

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