Income Based Student Loan Repayment Plans

The amount owed on student loans has surpassed 1 trillion dollars and over 40 million Americans have student loan debt. This is almost double the amount that Americans owed on credit cards in 2013 and is now second only to mortgage debt as the largest category of debt.

Every year the student loan debt increases and students graduating in 2014 are carrying more student loans than any previous graduating  class. Today over 70 percent of college graduates have student loan debts compared with less than 50 percent in 1995.

We can help. There are repayment plans available for Federal Student Loans that are based on your income. I can assist you with evaluating your student loans, determining their current status and getting you into the lowest possible payment plan. Call 757-320-2010 today to schedule a consultation so we can get you on track with your student loans or get your free fact sheet on Student Loans. 


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