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    Things happen in life – sometimes beyond our control. When you’re going through personal issues, such as bankruptcy, you need an attorney who doesn’t just understand Virginia law—but understands people as well. Emotional intelligence and legal intelligence should always go hand-in-hand when selecting an attorney with whom to work. Read what our clients are saying about how we have handled their cases, with both skill and empathy.

    You’re probably putting enough stress on yourself right now; let Holcomb Law attorneys work with you to get you back on track and ready for a fresh start. We are located in Virginia Beach and Newport News with easy access from anywhere in Hampton Roads.

    Bankruptcy Law

    Giving you and your family a financial fresh start.

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    Our expert Chapter 7 attorneys will help you get out of debt for good.

    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    We have a solid record of success in handling Chapter 13 proceedings.


    A Virginia Beach couple got behind on credit card payments because of unexpected medical bills.

    A Military Husband And Wife In Virginia Beach Reduced Their Debt Payments By Hundreds Of Dollars By Filing For Bankruptcy

    Single Mother Of Two Wipes Out $48K Of Debt With The Help Of Our Hampton Roads Attorneys.

    Here’s What Virginia Beach Clients Are Saying About Us

    “My primary concern was wondering if we could even be helped, and we wanted to protect certain assets. One of my neighbors told me about HRLS, I felt very confident in my first consultation and everything was explained to me in detail so I knew what to expect. If anyone were to ask me for a referral, I would say go to HRLS, the best in Hampton Roads!”

    – A. Koza – VA Beach

    “I decided to reach out to HRLS because I had read the reviews online and it was saying the exact things I needed at the time. I was nervous at first because this was something I had never been through before, but while I was listening to the attorney speak, I became at ease. She made me feel comfortable and kept me informed the whole way and walked me through the process. They made me feel like I was the only client they had, I would definitely recommend HRLS. “

    – D. Blount

    “I had heard some good things about HRLS and after doing some research, I decided to move forward with them. My main concern was financial issues and I was very nervous at first, I felt better after my first consultation where I learned about the process and flexible payment plans. Attorney Pfeiffer assured me that everything was going to be fine and that it was a relatively easy process, so that made me feel calmer. I like that they pretty much took care of everything for me. I felt like I had so much on my plate and they really alleviated a lot of the stress and made things very easy.”

    – Aaron V – Virginia Beach

    “I had a few concerns when deciding to file for bankruptcy, mainly cost, ease of process and keeping my vehicle. My comfort level was a 10 in the consultation, the attorney explained everything in great detail and advised why I should file a Chapter 7 vs a Chapter 13. My mother recommended this firm to me and I thought the communication between client & lawyers was great. Overall the firm is exceptional with bankruptcies. They make you feel relaxed about the process!”

    – T. Thurman – VA Beach

    We highly recommend them to others who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances

    “When we reached out to Attorney Edrie Pfeiffer in June 2018, we were drowning in debt and our home was scheduled to be sold at foreclosure just days away.  We found ourselves in this situation after a failed business endeavor which we used our home as collateral to start. At that time, we viewed bankruptcy from a derogatory perspective of shame and failure; however, making every attempt to stay afloat, we became desperate, and it was our only option after struggling to survive for several years. Being in active bankruptcy for the past five years has been very stressful and challenging, yet we were determined and found that we were not on the journey alone.  From the very beginning, Attorney Edrie and Katie Taylor kept us informed and promptly responded to us every step of the way.  We had many questions and concerns, and they were outstanding throughout the entire process. Today we are proud that through our Chapter 13 plan, we have paid the creditor who was attempting to foreclose on our home, as well as all other creditors included in our plan. The structured repayment plan of bankruptcy protected our assets and gave us an opportunity to get our life back on track.  We overcame a very tough financial situation and successfully completed our bankruptcy with the help of our legal professionals at Holcomb Law. We highly recommend them to others who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances.””

    The Kellys

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