Are You A Good Candidate For A Divorce Consult With Hampton Roads Legal Services?

Are You A Good Candidate For A Divorce Consult With Hampton Roads Legal Services

Are You A Good Candidate For A Divorce Consult With Hampton Roads Legal Services?

Uncontested vs. Contested

If your divorce will be uncontested, we would be happy to help you. That means you and your spouse are in agreement about getting the divorce, and agree with the associated terms. Many couples believe that they will have an uncontested divorce because they agree that they want a divorce, but in actuality, they disagree on many of the terms and actually end up with a contested divorce. These factors include custody, child support and alimony, and the division of assets and debts.

The Weekend Fight

If you and your spouse had a huge knock-down, drag-out fight over the weekend and you’ve suddenly decided you want a divorce, we may not be the best place for you. We get many calls on Monday mornings from couples still reeling from their fight over the weekend, inquiring about divorce. These individuals are typically still emotional from their weekend blow-up and are reacting out of emotion, but are not genuinely ready to take the necessary steps to move forward towards divorce.


Our average divorce is $950. Some cost more or less, depending on the variables of each case. Our expertise and efficiency will ensure your divorce is filed as quickly and easily as possible, with the lowest possible financial burden.

With the spreading availability of DIY Divorce Agreements, consumers have the ability to file their own divorce at a lower cost. Remember, however, you get what you pay for. Most of these don’t provide the level of detail that is truly necessary for success post-divorce. Without an attorney, you don’t know what you don’t know… and that can leave holes in your divorce decree. An attorney will suggest objective options you may not have even realized existed, ensure you aren’t buried alive in paperwork and ensure you fully understand the terms in the final decree of divorce.

If you are confidant you are ready to move forward with an uncontested divorce, you have come to the right place. Give us a call today at (757) 276-6555 to get set up with a free consultation.

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