Our attorney explains why filing bankruptcy should never be a cause of shame, and how bankruptcy can help reduce stress caused by overwhelming debts.

Edrie Pfeiffer
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Edrie Pfeiffer, Bankruptcy & Divorce Attorney

Clients often express strong hesitance towards filing a bankruptcy, not because bankruptcy is a bad rational choice, but because it is hard to accept emotionally. I strive to provide my clients with emotional support, in addition to legal relief. Plenty of clients coming to my initial bankruptcy consultations feel ashamed at even having the thought of needing a bankruptcy, as if seeking bankruptcy relief equates to committing a moral wrong. The truth is that the overwhelming majority of people I talk to decide to file for bankruptcy because there is no alternative solution to their problems, which result from circumstances outside of their control, such as sudden or unexpected changes in health conditions, family situations, or employment status. The idea that it is shameful to file for bankruptcy because bankruptcy is caused by irresponsible spending and incompetent financial management is far from accurate. Also, the concept that one should not file for bankruptcy due to fear of judgment by others is misguided because it simply does not matter what others think of you when you know you are taking the correct steps towards your financial freedom.

Having a systematic and unbiased understanding of the bankruptcy system, I am able to explain to clients that getting debt relief through the means of bankruptcy is achievable and not shameful. Bankruptcy is not the right choice for everybody, but when it is the best option measured by rational criteria, debtors should feel empowered to seek out a path to a new beginning. Bankruptcy provides legal and effective means to alleviate the financial burdens for an overwhelmed individual, and it is time to let go of the old-fashioned misconceptions about bankruptcy.

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