Getting an annulment in Virginia is difficult.

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I frequently have individuals call me and want to get their marriage annulled. When I ask them the reason they are seeking an annulment, they normally respond with some variation of "my spouse left me after only XX" (you can fill in the blank). In Virginia, it is possible to get an annulment of a marriage but only under limited circumstances.

The valid grounds for an annulment in Virginia are:

1) One spouse was impotent at the time of the marriage;

2) One spouse had been convicted of a felony at the time of the marriage;

3) The husband had fathered a child born to another woman within ten months of the marriage;

4) The wife was pregnant at the time of the marriage by another man;

5) One spouse was a prostitute.

All of these circumstances require that the spouse seeking an annulment was not aware of the issue at the time of the marriage and that they moved to end the marriage as soon as they found out about the issues.

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