Can I lose my house to foreclosure because of other debts?

In certain circumstances, a creditor who has gotten a judgment lien against your house can force a foreclosure sale. This is a rare circumstance, but most states do allow this to happen. If you are concerned about a judgment lien, this is a good resource for you to find out more information. Another way you could end up with foreclosure despite paying your mortgage is if you owe back taxes on your real estate. The city or county you live in (or where the property is located) can do a tax sale of real estate for back taxes. This is also a rare situation since it requires a court proceeding.

If you have a foreclosure pending or suspect that you might get a notice of foreclosure soon, you need to get in touch with a seasoned bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible. Foreclosures can be stopped, but waiting until the last minute will put you in danger of losing your home. Request our free report on the options you have to save your home from foreclosure or contact our office at (757) 276-6555 for a consultation with the attorney! 

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