What types of information can & can't be included in my credit report?

Your credit report contains a massive amount of data, and it can be overwhelming trying to determine which tidbits of personal information will be included.  The guide below outlines the different types of information that will and won’t be included in your credit report

What Can Be Included:

  • Identifying information, including full name, current & previous addresses, employment information, date of birth, and social security #
  • Tradelines – your list of current and recent past debts and obligations
  • Credit inquiries (any time you give a potential creditor permission to view your credit report)
  • Judgments, liens, and garnishments
  • If the bankruptcy was ever filed
  • Account information when accounts are voluntarily closed by the consumer
  • Dispute information if a consumer has properly disputed credit information
  • Any key risk factors adversely impacting the credit score

What Cannot Be Included:

  • Your income and/or net worth
  • Your private medical information, although if you have medical debt, the debt may appear
  • Criminal record unless it involves a financial blunder
  • Debts of your spouse that are separate from your own
  • Information older than 7 years
  • Personal information such as race, age, ancestry, sex, ethnicity, or political affiliation

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