Hiring The Cheapest Bankruptcy Attorney May Not Be The Best Choice

Hiring The Cheapest Bankruptcy Attorney May Not Be The Best Choice

I often get phone calls where the only question the person has it “how much do you charge for a bankruptcy?”. This should not be the first question that you ask. Anyone who quotes a price for bankruptcy without meeting with you has no idea of the scope of work that will need to be done for your case. They may give you a low price but then when you are well into the process, they come up with additional fees for work that has to be done in your case.

Why would you want an attorney who is willing to work for a cut-rate price? You want to make sure that the attorney is going to represent you well. The question you should be asking is what experience does this attorney have in bankruptcy, how long has the attorney been doing bankruptcy, does the attorney specialize in bankruptcy, or is bankruptcy just one of many things the attorney does. You should be able to see testimonials and ratings from clients who have used the attorney. You need to meet with the attorney to make sure that you feel comfortable with the attorney.

You would not seek out the lowest price doctor to perform major surgery. You would want the best doctor in the area. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your financial health. Choose a bankruptcy attorney who specializes in bankruptcy and has the experience to back it up.

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