How Will The Government Shut Down Effect You?

How Will The Government Shut Down Effect You?

We had hoped that it won’t happen but it did. Congress was unable to work out any type of agreement to fund the Federal government and now thousands of people have been furloughed with no idea when they will return to work. I understand the feelings you may be having if you are caught up in the is the situation. Several years ago when this happened before, I was in law school and my husband was a federal employee. We depended on his income for our living expenses and since I only worked a few hours a week, we had no idea what would happen. Fortunately, the shutdown only lasted a few days and the federal employees were paid for the days that they were furloughed.

As we face this situation again, there are some things you can do to help ease the pain and stress during this time. First, review your expenses and see what is necessary to maintain your household. There are many things that you may be able to cut back on or postpone buying until things return to normal. Next, call your service providers to talk to them about the problems. You may be able to work out some type of deferment or partial payments for things like utilities, cell phones, and other providers. You will need to be proactive on this since they do not know what you are facing unless you tell them. You should also contact your mortgage company or your landlord and see what they are willing to do to help you if this furlough lasts for an extended period of time. Finally, use this time where you are not working to try new things. This might be the perfect time to read those books that you have been intending to read or to try that new hobby or even tackle those things around the house that you have been putting off until you had the time. You need to keep busy while you are not working and if you can find a way to make money out of your hobbies or downtime, even better.

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