I Can’t Take These Harassing Collection Calls Anymore. Make Them Stop!

I Can't Take These Harassing Collection Calls Anymore. Make Them Stop!

I Can’t Take These Harassing Collection Calls Anymore. Make Them Stop!

The phone rings and when you look at your caller id, it says unknown or out of area. You know that it is another one of those collection agencies calling to harass you about the unpaid bills. If you had the money to pay them, you would have done so already. Don’t these people understand that you don’t have the money?Maybe you were downsized at work or you had to take time off due to a medical condition. Perhaps you have recently separated from your spouse and now the money that was taking care of one household has to support two homes.

What ever the reason, you have fallen behind on your bills and now they are hounding you constantly. They may have even called you at work or have called a family member or neighbor to get a message to you. These collections agencies have hundreds of ways to harass you over the unpaid bill. We hear of people who have been threatened with arrest if they don’t send a payment today. They may threaten to call your employer about the bills or tell you that they will seize your bank account. Many of their tactics are illegal but they know the chance of getting punished is small so they use every trick in their book to try to force you to pay. I had one client who reported that they called her grandmother and told her that my client had been in an auto accident and they needed to get in touch with her about it. Did grandmother know how to reach her? Of course, the grandmother was very upset and worried about my client.

There is a way to stop these collection phone calls once and for all. When you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your creditors, and their annoying collection agents, have to stop all phone calls and letters. If they don’t, they face still penalties from the bankruptcy court.

If you are being harassed by collection phone calls and letters, contact me or call me today at 757-320-2010. We will schedule you a free consultation on how bankruptcy can make these creditors leave you alone!

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