I’m Filing For Bankruptcy…. I Can’t Afford To Pay An Attorney Too!

I’m Filing For Bankruptcy…. I Can’t Afford To Pay An Attorney Too!

Sound like you? Wondering about attorney fees when filing bankruptcy? Here’s a summary of what you are paying for and why and when it comes to your bankruptcy fees.

Court Costs

There are a multitude of court costs, including filing fees, conversion fees, reopening fees and a myriad of other miscellaneous charges depending on the circumstances in each case that quickly add up to hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.


Depending on the chapter of bankruptcy filed, we may work on your case anywhere from 100 days to 5 years. Depending on the circumstances, some cases are laborious and require a great deal of time to complete.

Why File With Attorney

Bankruptcy is a highly technical process and even many attorneys, who do not regularly practice in bankruptcy, do not fully understand the process. Filing a bankruptcy without the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney can cost you several thousand dollars and may even prevent you from getting the relief and protection that you are seeking.

Interest Costs More

More than likely, depending on your debt and interest rates, you pay more money in interest within months than the cost of bankruptcy. Why not hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney, and have those interest rates reduced or wiped out as soon as possible? The bankruptcy will likely pay for itself in no time. In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases, you will actually pay your attorney fees in installments through a fixed repayment plan, lowering the burden of huge upfront costs.

Not One Size Fits All

You can’t just call up a dentist and ask how much it will cost to fix your teeth; the dentist will tell you to come to the office so that he can perform an exam and then give you a quote based on required work. Bankruptcy is a similar process, and every case is different. That’s why we offer a free consultation to review your case and provide a quote based on our recommendations specific to your individual circumstances.

Don’t be discouraged by what may seem like high attorney fees to file your bankruptcy. You will have normally end up with more money in your pocket and keep your assets when you file bankruptcy with an experienced attorney.

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