A Payment Plan Through a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Could Substantially Lower the Amount of Tax Debt you have to Repay!

Edrie Pfeiffer
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Edrie Pfeiffer, Bankruptcy & Divorce Attorney

Is the IRS taking most of your paycheck to pay back taxes?  Is tax debt discouraging you from filing your 2017 tax returns?   If you owe taxes, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will allow for you to set up a repayment plan that works for you… and your other debts will be eliminated in 5 years or less! 

The IRS will typically discharge very little of your back owed taxes, but a payment plan through a Chapter 13 could substantially lower the amount you pay back by eliminating interest or further penalties.  An experienced bankruptcy attorney can assess your case and determine if your tax debts are classified as priority (taxes you must pay in full), non-priority (taxes eligible for partial discharge) or secured by a tax lien. 

Help yourself get approved for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy by doing the following:

  • Ensure tax returns have been filed for at least the last 4 years

  • Don’t incur new debt

  • Don’t consolidate your debts through a credit counseling service

At Hampton Roads Legal Services. we will structure a repayment plan that works for you, allows for you to keep your paycheck and eliminates your debt.   Get your fresh start today - Contact us at (757) 320-2010.