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Edrie Pfeiffer
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Edrie Pfeiffer, Bankruptcy & Divorce Attorney

     Over the past almost two decades that I have worked with individuals who have financial problems, I have seen many individuals who needed more assistance with their finances than could be done through a bankruptcy. I have also met with many people who didn’t really need to file a bankruptcy but needed practical guidance in handling their finances. Most of the time, these are people who have a steady job or another source of income. They should have the ability to pay their bills but they need assistance in the best ways to handle their monthly expenses. Perhaps they have never learned the skills necessary to budget or balance their checking account. They may be overwhelmed with other things and finances get pushed to the bottom of the pile.  While an individual filing a bankruptcy is required to have a counseling session before filing and to complete a course after filing, these are one-time short sessions that don’t really provide the ongoing assistance that many people need.

    As I thought about this problem, I realized that there are programs that provide coaching for someone who wants to lose weight, fitness coaches who work with people on exercise programs, job coaches who assist individuals to prepare for the job market, and even life coaches who work with individuals on strategies for being successful in life. However, there aren’t many programs that work with individuals on an ongoing basis on handling their finances. A couple of months ago, I asked many of my clients if they would be interested in this type of program. I received a great deal of positive feedback so I have developed a financial coaching program to assist individuals to succeed in managing their finances. No, I can’t make your current job pay you more money but I will work with you on making the money you do have go further. I pay also have suggestions on increasing your income.

    There will be three levels of Financial Coaching offered. All three levels will start with an Initial Review Session. I will sit down with you and review your income, monthly bills, and credit report. Then together we will develop a budget for your household and discuss your financial goals. There will be a registration fee paid at this initial session. Then you will choose which level of membership will work best for you and you will be billed monthly for that level.

    At the Gold Level, you will receive weekly email tips on budgeting and how to save money on your monthly living expenses. We have included some tips in this newsletter to give you a taste of the type of tips you can expect each week. Our goal is to show you ways to save at least $50 a month on your living expenses. By implementing the tips each month, you could potentially save $600 or more during your first year. We will also be available to answer your questions via email on a weekly basis. Once a month, we will check in with you over the phone to see how you are doing on your budget and financial goals. Then once a year, we will meet with you again to review how the year has gone for you. We will pull your credit report and see how you are doing there and work on a new budget and goals for the next year.

    At the Platinum Level, you will receive all of the assistance offered in the Gold Level, plus you will receive a weekly phone call to check in with you. We will answer your questions via email within two days. You will have a quarterly review session to see how you are doing on your financial goals and your budget in addition to the yearly review session. We will also provide you with an estate planning session and discounts on wills, power of attorneys, and advanced medical directives.

    At the Master Level, you will receive all the benefits above, plus we will meet with you monthly and assist you with your budget. Your questions submitted via email will be answered within one business day. We will also work with any credit card debt that you may have to try to negotiate payment arrangements. After your first year of membership, we will provide tax preparation for the Federal 1040 Form and itemized deductions.

   Contact me today at 757-276-6555 to schedule your initial coaching session. We will work with you to help you achieve your financial goals.