Going Green in the Home!

Here are 5 tips for going “Green” in the home!

The goal is to produce less waste and rely less on one-time use paper or plastic and save money while doing so!

  1. Schedule the progression from one-time use products to reusable ones. This puts less of a burden on you to cut all the one-time products cold turkey. Instead, use whatever plastic bags or paper towels are left in the home and get everyone on board with reusable items once they are brought into the home.
  2. Stock up on cloths to replace napkins and paper towels. No need to buy 20 all at once, but grab one or two every time you visit a store. Be sure to check the clearance sections!
  3. Have all the cloths stored in a convenient place. It’s a good idea to put the cloths in a basket on a dining table or near the kitchen stove where most of the spills occur.
  4. Avoid using plastic bags at the grocery store when choosing loose fruits and vegetables. Ditch the one-time plastic bags and simply put the foods loose in your cart.
  5. Keep glass jars from pasta sauces or pickle jars! These can be re-purposed to store more food items in the home and save you money instead of buying more Tupperware!

That's all for this week, good luck!