We can help you to manage the necessary fees to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy based on your situation.

Edrie Pfeiffer
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Edrie Pfeiffer, Bankruptcy & Divorce Attorney

If you need to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy but are concerned about how to pay for an attorney to represent you, we can help. I will be happy to work with you on a payment plan that will get you into a Chapter 13 bankruptcy as quickly as necessary. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a repayment plan and the bulk of my attorney fees can be included in the payment that you make to the bankruptcy court. However, you do have to be able to make payments and part of what we will determine in our meeting will be if you are able to make the necessary payments to accomplish what you want.

Don't let the fear of how you will pay for an attorney to represent you in bankruptcy stop you from contacting us. We can help. Contact us or call 757-276-6555 today to schedule an appointment.