Debt Collector Unlawfully Contacting Family Members

Posted on Jul 19, 2018

Eyes are on Midland Credit Management, a debt collection agency. after Evelyn Williams of  West Virginia filed a complaint alleging their violation of the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act. She also alleges that they have been unlawfully contacting family members in order to coerce payments from them as well as harassing her.

According to her Complaint, the plaintiff alleges that she has received numerous harassing phone calls from Midland in an attempt to collect on the debt. She also alleges that even her family members have been receiving letters in an attempt to collect the debt from them. By contacting those who have nothing to do with her debt and are not listed as one of the debtors, Midland has failed to comply with the laws of West Virginia. 

Now the plaintiff has requested a judgment of $74,999 for compensatory, statutory, and punitive damages, award of interest, costs, attorneys fees, and any other relief that the Court deems just. 

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