Even Pro Basketball players can end up in custody battles

Edrie Pfeiffer
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Edrie Pfeiffer, Bankruptcy & Divorce Attorney
Posted on Mar 03, 2013

Following the 2007 split from his ex-wife, Siohvaughn Wade, Miami Heat basketball player Dwyane Wade was involved in a long, messy custody dispute over their two sons, Zaire and Zion. In March 2011, Dwyane was awarded sole "care, custody and control" of the boys, with his ex-wife being granted visitation rights (in Miami) every other weekend and various holidays. Unfortunately, Siohvaughn went back to court and accused the basketball player of not treating the boys' asthma properly.

It's not clear whether or not there is any real basis for Siohvaughn’s concerns, as she's been often proven to be unstable. She was arrested after she barricaded herself in a home with the two children, and in 2010 she turned herself in to police after a warrant was issued following a missed court date.

Most child custody decisions are not often as dramatic as we see in the lives of sports stars and other celebrities, but parents and ex-spouses often have different agendas for their children's futures. When you need legal representation for establishing or changing a child custody agreement in Virginia Beach or elsewhere in Hampton Roads, call Hampton Roads Legal Services at 757-276-6555. Our family law firm provides assistance to parents in Virginia Beach and surrounding towns, including Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk. Check out our video on factors to consider when you are involved in a custody dispute.

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