Petition Preparer sentenced to jail

Edrie Pfeiffer
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Edrie Pfeiffer, Bankruptcy & Divorce Attorney
Posted on Feb 26, 2014

In my opinion, one of the biggest issues in the bankruptcy system is the emergence of petition preparers who claim to be able to assist an individual in the preparation of their bankruptcy petition for a fraction of the cost of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Most people do not realize that a petition preparer is not a lawyer, does not have to have any legal experience and cannot give legal advice like how to protect your assets. Many of these petition preparers are found on internet searches and have no experience in the state where the debtor resides. I have seen individuals lose thousands of dollars that they could have protected if they had used an experienced bankruptcy attorney instead of trying to save money by using a petition preparer. Bankruptcy Judges across the country have sanctioned these petition preparers for improper conduct and barred them from assisting other individuals but they ignore these Court Orders.

Recently one petition preparer found out what can happen when they ignore a Court Order and will have plenty of time to reflect on what he has done while he sits in prison. May it be a wake up call for others.