Create a Child Custody Plan That Gives Your Children a Chance at a Great Life

While things may not have worked out with your spouse or significant other, you are still bound by the most important thing in the world to you: your children.

One of the hardest, most emotional legal issues involves determining child custody. You want what is best for your child and even if you'd rather not talk to the other parent any more, it has to be done to give your son or daughter a shot at the best life possible.

The Virginia Beach family law firm of Hampton Roads Legal Services can help you with your child custody case and work with you to determine the ideal custody situation.

Determining Physical and Legal Custody in Virginia

Many people don't realize that child custody actually has two independent parts: physical custody and legal custody. For example, it is possible for parents to decide to share joint legal custody, but also to assign one parent to have primary physical custody. That means both parents would be able to share the duty of making important decisions, but the child would live with one parent all or most of the time.

Legal custody involves making major decisions about your child's life. If you have (or share) legal custody, it means you can make choices about your child's education, religion, and medical care.

Physical custody involves where the child actually lives on a daily basis. One parent might be granted sole physical custody, or the parents could have joint physical custody (which means the time would be split approximately 50/50).

It is possible to determine child custody in family court, or through mediation. Mediation allows you to work with your former spouse to create a parenting and custody plan that is agreeable for both of you. It is important to remember that the ultimate goal of creating a child custody agreement is to have the best interests of the child in mind. This is not about who "deserves" sole custody or re-hashing petty arguments from the past; this is about what is best for your children and what will help them live stable, happy lives.

Virginia Beach Family Law and Child Custody Attorney

At Hampton Roads Legal Services, our skilled family lawyer will be able to help you settle your differences for the benefit of your child or children. We will review all of the facts, identify the child's preferences, and explain how the law impacts your situation.

Our compassionate child custody attorney in Virginia Beach will work with you to assure your parental rights and protect the child's best interests. If you would like help with creating a child custody plan, contact Hampton Roads Legal Services at 757-276-6555 today to schedule a consultation.

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