Reaffirming A Debt Without Advice From An Attorney

Reaffirming A Debt Without Advice From An Attorney

There are many pitfalls that await someone who files a bankruptcy without an attorney. One of them is owing money after the bankruptcy is completed. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can provide advice about what a debtor’s options are for dealing with secured debts like a car loan or mortgage on a house. When an individual files bankruptcy without an attorney, there is no one who can provide that advice to them. If they sign a reaffirmation agreement, which binds them on a debt after the bankruptcy, the Judge will make sure that they understand the consequences of their actions but he cannot give them advice about whether they need to do this or not.

I have seen many individuals in court who filed without the assistance of an attorney. It is clear that these individuals do not fully understand what they are doing. Their mortgage company or car creditor has sent them a reaffirmation agreement and they believe that they must have it entered to be able to keep their house or their car, While there may be times when it is in a debtor’s best interest to reaffirm on a debt, only an attorney can properly advice the debtor about this.

Don’t end up owing money after your bankruptcy. Before you try to file a bankruptcy, make sure that you have the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

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