Did You Receive a Foreclosure Notice? Bankruptcy May Save Your Home

Home foreclosure is a grim reality for many people facing ongoing financial problems. If you've fallen on hard times and missed a number of mortgage payments, you probably knew that foreclosure was a possibility—but that hardly softens the blow of receiving a Notice of Trustee's Sale, informing you that your beloved home is being put up for auction.

After learning that their home is in foreclosure, people often find themselves wondering how long they'll be able to stay in their home before being kicked out, how the foreclosure will affect their children, if the mortgage company will sue for the balance of the loan, and whether they'll end up on the streets. Fortunately, there's help.

The experienced attorneys with Hampton Roads Legal Services have been using their extensive knowledge of the bankruptcy code to help clients eliminate debt and avoid foreclosure for more than two decades. Through bankruptcy, Hampton Roads Legal Services not only helps clients save their homes but also helps them wipe out most types of unsecured debt. Conveniently located in Virginia Beach, our debt relief law firm serves home foreclosure and bankruptcy clients throughout the Hampton Roads area.

If you've received notice that your home is in foreclosure, the clock is ticking and you must act quickly. If you fail to take action before the auction date arrives, your home could be lost forever. Don't let this happen to you.

Even if you don't care about saving your home—or that isn't a priority for you—our skilled bankruptcy attorneys can help you eliminate burdensome debts to get the fresh financial start you need and deserve.

Complete the contact form below, or call our office at 757-276-7280 to request an initial case consultation with one of our firm's knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys. During this consultation, you can expect to learn more about the bankruptcy process, how filing for bankruptcy can help save your home, and receive information that will assist you in deciding if bankruptcy is right for your financial future.

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