Bankruptcy Can Help Clients Avoid Car Repossessions

A car is a vital asset for a family; helping them get to and from work and school, attend doctors’ appointments, and run other various errands. However, if a family falls on hard times and gets behind on their payments, the car is one of the first things in danger of being repossessed.

Fortunately, at Hampton Roads Legal Services, our seasoned bankruptcy attorneys have a long track record of stopping creditors in their tracks and preventing vehicle repossessions that could leave you and your family stranded. Our debt relief agency has more than 20 years of experience helping clients keep their cars—and become debt free—through the bankruptcy process.

Not only can filing for bankruptcy prevent your car from being repossessed by the bank, but with the assistance of our knowledgeable and compassionate bankruptcy attorneys, you may also be able to lower your interest rate and monthly payments, as well as eliminate unsecured debt like medical and credit card bills. Bankruptcy isn't the right solution for everyone, but if you're ready to stop living in fear of repossessions and get serious about dealing with your debts, it might be right for you.

Our Hampton Roads Legal Services law office is conveniently located in Virginia Beach to serve car repossession and bankruptcy clients throughout the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Area. We've helped countless clients stop pending vehicle repossessions by filing for bankruptcy, and are eager to show you how filing for bankruptcy now can help you achieve a brighter financial future.

If you're behind on your car payments and are concerned about an imminent vehicle repossession, complete the contact form below to request a consultation with one of Hampton Roads Legal Services' knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys. This consultation will provide you with the information you need to make smart decisions about your financial options—whether that means ultimately moving forward with a bankruptcy or seeking an alternative debt-relief solution. Don’t wait—complete the contact form or call our office today at 757-276-8989.

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