Is the Bank Threatening to Foreclose on Your Home Due to Missed Payments? We can help.

There are few things more disheartening than falling behind on your mortgage payments while the threat of foreclosure looms. The stress of a pending home foreclosure can be overwhelming, leading to a number of sleepless nights spent worrying about potential homelessness, how losing the home might affect the children, and whether the bank will sue for the outstanding loan balance.

Are you and your family in a similar situation? Maybe you've already received a Notice of Default or a Notice of Trustee Sale from your mortgage lender, informing you of the date your home will be put up for auction. If so, there's help—but you must act quickly or risk losing your home forever.

Conveniently located in Virginia Beach to serve clients throughout the Hampton Roads area, Hampton Roads Legal Services is an accomplished debt relief law firm with more than two decades of experience helping clients stop home foreclosure through chapter 13 bankruptcy. That's not all filing for bankruptcy can do. In addition to halting home foreclosure, our skilled attorneys can use their in-depth knowledge of the bankruptcy code to stop harassing creditor phone calls, terminate liens or judgments against you, and eliminate most kinds of unsecured debts.

While many of our clients want to save their home from foreclosure, keeping the home isn't a priority for everyone—especially if they've realized they've bitten off more than they can chew. Regardless of whether saving a foreclosed home is a part of our clients' financial goals, we're happy to help our clients get a much-needed fresh start.

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