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  • Finding a GOOD bankruptcy attorney for a fair price was very important to me, and I found that with Hampton Roads Legal Services.

    One of my top concerns about hiring a bankruptcy attorney was about the fees and the lawyer's knowledge. I did not want a bad attorney to take advantage of my financial situation, and give me bad advice for a lot of money. Attorney Pfeiffer guided me in the right direction and I knew she had extensive knowledge of the bankruptcy area. Her price was very fair, and her services were fast and easy! She taught me about my rights during the bankruptcy process and answered all my questions. I would absolutely tell anyone about Hampton Roads Legal and Attorney Pfeiffer! Her services were great!

    Latrice, Chesapeake, VA
  • I don't think any law firm could provide better service than Hampton Roads Legal!

    I decided to hire Hampton Roads Legal Services after reading the amazing reviews online, and doing some extensive internet research. I asked my coworkers too, and they also suggested this law firm. I was not disappointed! Attorney Pfeiffer made me feel very comfortable at my first consultation. She answered every question I had, and never put me off or told me to wait. My biggest concerns were about filing bankruptcy again, since I had previously filed before. Attorney Pfeiffer had no problem with that, and she told me how to file and what would happen after my bankruptcy was completed. She literally addressed all my concerns and answered all my questions so efficiently!  Honestly, I don't know how a law firm could provide better service than this. I had a great experience with Hampton Roads Legal. Please keep doing what you are doing!

    C. Eppler, Virginia Beach
  • Hampton Roads Legal and Attorney Pfeiffer put my fears to rest about the cost to file bankruptcy, by giving me a simple payment plan that I could manage.

    When I began investigating bankruptcy options, a friend referred me to Hampton Roads Legal Services. She said they were very friendly and professional. My biggest concern was about the cost to file bankruptcy, and if the attorney would give me a payment plan. I was also concerned about how long it would take to file the bankruptcy. All my fears were addressed kindly, and I was very comfortable after my first meeting! Mrs. Pfeiffer explained everything to me very clearly and gave me a payment plan that was easy for me to manage. The staff at the office had good communication skills, which is one of the things I appretiated most about this firm. I would tell anyone else with financial difficulty to give them a call!

    D.D. Tyus
  • All my concerns were addressed completely by Attorney Pfeiffer

    My family told me that they had worked with Attorney Pfeiffer and she helped them through the bankruptcy process. My top concerns were for my car loan, medical bills, and my student loan debts. I needed to have a fresh start. I was very comfortable in my first meeting with Attorney Pfeiffer! She made me feel very knowledgeable about the bankruptcy process, and understood every part of my case. She explained everything to me in detail! I loved how everyone at Hampton Roads Legal treated me like family. Please don't change anything about your practice! If you have any financial difficulty, please talk to the attorney's at HRLS. They will give you a clean start!

    Marquita G., Chesapeake VA
  • My divorce played a part in my fear about filing for bankruptcy. All my concerns were taken care of at HRLS.

    I was conernced with being married and having to notify my ex for any bankruptcy documents. Since her name was not listed on any of my paperwork, it was fine. The cost was also concerning to me, since I know legal fees are not inexpensive. Attorney Pfeiffer was able to break up my payments and made it very easy for me to handle the bankruptcy fees. My other big concern was about going to court. I was afraid the garnishments I had would take affect before the bankruptcy could be filed. At first, I had a lot of fears because I had never filed bankruptcy before, and I didn't know the process or what would occur in the future. After talking to Attorney Pfeiffer, I felt as though I was taken care of and always had answers the the many questions I had. The process was very smooth and helpful! I have already recommended Hampton Roads Legal to a friend becuase of how helpful everyone was! I will continue to recommend your services to anyone struggling with financial difficulty.

    B. O'Neal, Chesapeake VA
  • The bankruptcy consultation was extremely thorough and informative. I felt empowered and informed about all my options when I left!

    I had many concerns when I went to meet with Mrs. Pfeiffer to talk about bankruptcy. I didn't know if I could reestablish credit after filing, and I was concerned about the stigma of bankruptcy and wondered if it would help my situation with a garnishment. Mrs. Pfeiffer had superb Google reviews, and her consultation was thorough and informative! I left feeling empowered and informed about the process. She was straightforward, honest, and encouraging. My comfort level was a 10 after I left the consultation and finished my case. The process was smooth and I was provided a full understanding of the bankruptcy. What I liked best was the step-by-step assistance for each process, the timely responses for all my questions, and the updates I received after each step was completed.  If you are considering bankruptcy, I would highly suggest that you go to the consultation and see what your options are. You will recieve the best information and your fears will diminish! 

    N. Nichols, Norfolk VA
  • HRLS had excellent reviews on AVVO so I decided to scheduled a consultation for bankruptcy. I felt very comfortable in the meeting with Ms. Fitch!

    My top concerns when I went to meet with Attorney Fitch were about my property. Would it be exempted? I was also worried about the time frame it would take to file bankruptcy, and I was nervous about the court hearing. Attorney Fitch was very professional and on time for every meeting. She moved as quickly as we needed her to in our case! She had a deep knowledge of the process and the paperwork that was necessary. The packets were well laid out and easy to follow. I loved the personal touch and responsiveness to all my questions. 

    W.D.; Virginia Beach, VA
  • What I liked best about Hampton Roads Legal is that is was so easy to file, despite all the paperwork.

    My boyfriend referred me to Mrs. Pfeiffer's office, and I was suprised by how easy the whole process was. My first appointment felt relaxed and comfortable. Mrs. Pfeiffer made me feel that she had the knowledge needed for my case. She went over all the paperwork with me and answered all of my questions! My concerns before I met with her included whether or not I could file all my old debts and if I could make the attorney payements. All those questions were answered easily for me. Other law firms could provide better service if they do what Hampton Roads Legal does! The whole process was very easy for me thanks to them!

    S. Lasky, Virginia Beach
  • I was overwhelmed with financial debt and had received a subpoena for one of the debts. I was astonished at the ease in which the bankruptcy process went with Mrs. Pfeiffer

    I took a leap of faith and called this office for an appointment and help! My concerns were about how I would begin to pay down my debt, especially since I received a subpoena to appear in court for one of the debts. I felt a sense of relief after meeting with Mrs. Pfeiffer who informed me how to proceed with the court case.  I felt equally comfortable with Ms. Fitch and Mrs. McKenna in assisting me after my initial consultation. The service they provided was great, fast, and most of all efficient! I would recommend your office to anyone in financial difficulty and who may need other legal advice. You are "easy like Sunday morning"!! Thank you so much!

    C.A. McConner, Norfolk VA
  • I didn't know if bankruptcy was the way to go for debt relief, but Mrs. Pfeiffer put my mind at ease.

    I was wondering if bankruptcy was the way to go, if I would even qualify, and if I could afford to pay the cost. Mrs. Pfeiffer addressed all these questions to my satisfaction! She told me how the whole process would work and I felt she had the knowledge to handle my case well. She did what she said she would do and took care of me, putting my mind at ease about my situation. I would tell anyone who has financial problems to get a consultation with this office so they can weigh their options! 

    M.P., Chesapeake VA
  • Attorney Pfeiffer's honesty won me over!

    I was considering bankruptcy and went to two other place, and they both told me to file a Chapter 13. I did not think that was a good idea and I did not trust their opinion. My initial consultation with Attorney Pfeiffer was great and made me feel glad that I came! She explained to me the difference in all bankruptcies and helped me pick the best one for MY situation. Everytime I had a question it was answered and the staff called back in a timely fashion. I had a great experience with Hampton Roads Legal and there is nothing I can think of to make it better! Someone referred me to this law firm and I will do the same. Thank you!

    Michael T., Virginia Beach
  • My boyfriend recommended that I talk to Mrs. Pfeiffer about bankruptcy and I am so glad I took his advice.

    My boyfriend filed bankruptcy with Hampton Roads Legal and he suggested that I talk to Mrs. Pfeiffer about my financial problems. I am so glad I took his advice. My top concerns were if I would qualify, if I could even afford to file, and if I would lose my car. I was very nervous at my initial consultation but felt happy when I left. Mrs. Pfeiffer had the expertise for my case and continued to tell me I had a simple case and I shouldn't worry.  I like that I was able to meet with her in the evening when I needed to work. I would tell anyone having financial problems to talk to her!

    Amanda B., Virginia Beach
  • I was given the best advice by the attorney at Hampton Roads Legal, and they never judged me for my financial problems or credit score.

    Everyone was so wonderful to me without judging me for my past credit history or financial problems. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to speak freely to the lawyer, but I was given the best advice for my situation and it was so easy to talk to the staff. My comfort level was 100% and by the end of my bankruptcy, I knew everyone by name. The attorney gave me answers to questions that I didn't know to ask and gave me all the knowledge I needed. What I liked best was the advice, communication, and active listening that I experienced from all the staff. This company will give you the best advice and they truly want to help you with your needs!

    April G., Chesapeake VA
  • Filing bankruptcy made me very anxious but the attorney at Hampton Roads Legal made me feel very comfortable at the initial consultation and answered all my questions!

    I heard about Hampton Roads Legal from another friend who was please with their service. My top concerns about filing bankruptcy were how I would pay for it and how long it would take to finish the process. Despite my anxiety, my comfort level was a 10+ at the initial consultation with Attorney Fitch! She was very smart and knew the answers to all my questions. Now I know how to move forward and not make the same mistakes again!

    John C., Virginia Beach
  • A stressful and difficult divorce process was made seamless by Attorney Pfeiffer and her staff at Hampton Roads Legal Services. My divorce was completed quickly and efficiently.

    "Please accept this as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by your organization.  The service that Hampton Roads Legal Services performed for me was exceptional and exceeded my expectations.  Everyone who I came into contact with were very knowledgeable and professional.  Your organization made a very stressful and difficult process seamless and your guidance from start to finish was impeccable.  All of my inquiries and concerns were responded to in a timely and accurate manner and I was put at ease knowing that I was in good hands with Hampton Roads Legal Services."

    K. P.
  • I was very nervous about filing bankruptcy, but felt more confident after my consultation. I would absolutely recommend HR Legal Services!

    Filing bankruptcy made me very nervous for several reasons. Getting approved to file bankruptcy, completing the bankruptcy process successfully, and worrying about surrendering my house were my top concerns. The attorneys and paralegals supported me throughout the process by e-mail and phone calls! Attorney Fitch was knowledgable and competent during all of our consultations. The e-mail support was impressive as I had many questions throughout the process. I would absolutely recommend Hampton Roads Legal Services!

    S.B., Virginia Beach, VA
  • If you don't know where to start, contact Hampton Roads Legal Services

    I hired Hampton Roads Legal Services after receiving their information in the mail. My top concerns were my debt of course, how to recover from it, and what to do now? I felt very comfortable at my initial consultation and Attorney Fitch knew the answers to all my questions.

    Jacob S., Virginia Beach
  • The attorney made us feel very comfortable despite how nervous we were.

    We were referred to Hampton Roads Legal Services but we were very nervous and eager to put this behind us. We were concerned that it would be a long process. Attorney Pfeiffer made us very comfortable. She is well educated and could answer all of our questions! Hampton Roads Legal Services made the process very pleasant. 

    Mr. & Mrs. Perry, Virginia Beach
  • I was confident that I was in good hands after meeting Attorney Pfeiffer.

    After meeting with Edrie Pfeiffer I was confident that I was in good hands. The secretary was also very knowledgable and sweet! I was concerned about the cost to obtain and attorney, how much it would cost me monthly, and what the process for a Chapter 13 included. The attorney answered each question in great detail and I was very comfortable in our consultation. I would recommend Mrs. Pfeiffer to anyone having financial difficulty!

    Lisa B., Virginia Beach
  • Attorney Pfeiffer answered all my questions and was very informing

    My mortgage and credit card debt were my biggest concerns before I went to Hampton Roads Legal Services. They took the worry out of my life and I felt at home. I would tell anyone who is considering bankruptcy to get a consultation from them. It can't hurt! 

    T. Richardson, Virginia Beach