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  • I was concerned about my work situation and losing my home. After meeting with the attorney, my comfort level was high.

    I was referred to Hampton Roads Legal Services by another law firm. I was concerned about my work situation and losing my home. After meeting with the attorney, my comfort level was high. I felt like she knew exactly what bankruptcy process was needed for my situation. I highly recommend HRLS!  

    Bland - Norfolk
  • I choose Hampton Roads Legal Services after I heard my friends speak so fondly of them. I hoped and prayed that I would get the help I needed, and HRLS did not disappoint.

    I choose Hampton Roads Legal Services after I heard my friends speak so fondly of them. I hoped and prayed that I would get the help I needed, and HRLS did not disappoint. I felt really good after the initial consultation and was amazed by the level of concern I was shown!  

    T. Pryden - Chesapeake
  • I'm giving glowing recommendations to HRLS for their A+ service!

    I choose to contact Hampton Roads Legal Services because of the great reviews that I read online! Then when I visited the office, everyone was friendly and professional as well as knowledgeable. I was concerned that I wouldn't qualify for bankruptcy, that it would be insanely expensive and that I would have to wait several months before filing. All these concerns were alleviated after my first consultation! At first I was very nervous  because I had consulted with another firm prior to coming here and they had told me I needed to wait to file. The attorney I met with had the answers to all of my questions and offered solutions to my problems as well as explained every step in the process. The firm was quick and efficient, knowledgeable, professional, friendly and offered payment plans as well as incentives. It was great!  I think other firms should try and provide the same A+ service that I received here at HRLS. I will be giving you glowing recommendations!  

    T.L - Virginia Beach
  • I was being pressured by a creditor and had to choose between the back interest and monthly payments or my medical care

    I was being pressured by a creditor and had to choose between the back interest and monthly payments or my medical care. It was too much to handle, financially. I was worried about filing for bankruptcy because I didn't know exactly what to expect and whether I would be treated fairly. After the first consultation I felt confident and more hopeful than I had in a long time. Ms Alexandria Vansteeter specifically was very friendly, helpful and put me at ease. She took the time to answer my questions and explain things as much as I needed. I would recommend Hampton Roads Legal Services because they are patient, timely, helpful and have good attitudes.   

    M. Phillips, Virginia Beach
  • My husbands student loans came into repayment unexpectedly, making it impossible for us to make our credit card payments.

    My husband's student loans came into repayment unexpectedly, making it impossible for us to make our credit card payments. This forced us to make the choice to file for bankruptcy. I felt like a failure and didn't want to not pay my credit cards but honestly, we had no choice but to take this path. Thankfully, I felt much better about the whole process once I started working with the team at Hampton Roads Legal Services. The staff was really friendly, the service was excellent (didn't have to wait long for appointments) and they were all very organized and knowledgeable. I would recommend this firm to anyone going through financial stress, this process was a lot less painful that I had expected, they never made me feel like a failure.  Thank you HRLS!  

    Julie - Virginia Beach
  • I struggled with finding an attorney I could trust and was embarrassed that people would find out about my financial struggle.

    I struggled with finding an attorney I could trust and was embarrassed that people would find out about my financial struggle. Walking into the office at Hampton Roads Legal Services was a calming feeling, it was very peaceful. The staff and lawyers were very friendly and the payment plan they offered was very helpful. They offered me step by step guidance that was repeated as needed for me to get a better understanding. I would definitely recommend this firm!   

    Dena C - Virginia Beach
  • I couldn't get ahead of my credit card debt

    There was no way I could get ahead of my credit card, the debt was so overwhelming. I decided that I didn't want to leave a bunch of credit card bills for my family to try and pay off, if something happened to me. My biggest concern about hiring an attorney was that I wouldn't live long enough to complete the payback, hopefully that won't be the case. I had a great experience with the firm!   

    A.W. Mayberry - Virginia Beach
  • I was worried I was going to be scolded and judged, this was definitely NOT the case!

    As an introvert, I was worried about meeting with an attorney because I thought the experience would be like things I've seen on TV, where the attorney is loud and demanding. I was also worried that I was going to be admonished, judged or scolded and that the whole thing would feel like a tax audit. This was not the case. I felt like I was being protected and defended the whole way, and the staff made me feel at ease with their confidence and their "can do/will do" attitudes. Everyone had that quiet professional energy which along with the discounts you offer made my decision to choose you very simple. Thank you HRLS!    

  • Even at my young age, I got a fresh start!

    When I found myself struggling financially, I started searching for someone who could guide me with what would be a new start for me. I'm young and very unknowledgeable so I needed some clear guidance from a professional. Attorney Bradstreet provided me with detailed insight. She explained all the options I had and payment discounts that could be provided and all around made my initial fear of filing for bankruptcy disappear. It was a very pleasant experience. My questions were always answered promptly and everything that was expected from me was made clear from the initial visit. The firm provided clear guidelines and structure and had the ability to deal with people in stressful situations. I have met with several different lawyers for various reasons and I would love to see more law firms handle clients who are mentally tired and stressed, with the same compassion that I received here. I would absolutely recommend this firm to anyone in financial distress! 

    K. Grater - Suffolk, VA
  • Having issues making payments

    I was struggling with making payments when I decided to reach out to Hampton Roads Legal Services. Everyone was very nice and friendly and nothing about the process made me concerned. After my initial meeting I realized I needed to file for bankruptcy which turned out to be a pretty smooth process. I was able to relate to a female better which improved my overall experience, it was easy to make appointments and the prices for the services are fair. I would recommend this firm to anyone in financial distress!

    Olar, M - Chesapeake, VA
  • I can finally work on increasing my credit score

    I was at the point where I was trying to have enough money to pay for basic living expenses, but the bills were piling up and making my credit score drop. I was worried when I came into Hampton Roads Legal Services about what would happen to all of my belongings including my car. But the attorney made me feel better and assured me that she could save it. I loved that the firm was very knowledgeable about the bankruptcy procedure and that I didn't have to do any of it alone. I also liked that there would be someone at all my court dates with me to help guide me so I wouldn't feel like I was alone in this. It was nice being able to remove all my debt and start fresh in order to start rebuilding my credit score and thankfully, because of Hampton Roads Legal Services, I didn't have to figure out the procedures and I was confident they could do it. I would definitely recommend Hampton Roads Legal Services because they were not only very knowledgeable, but extremely helpful too!

    C. Swindell - Chesapeake, VA
  • Social security income with harassing creditors

    I was living on social security income and had a couple judgments against me with creditors constantly harassing me. I didn't know what to do so I called Hampton Roads Legal Services. They were always there for me from the first phone consult all the way to the end of my case. During my consult the advice given to me was solid and I felt sure that I was doing the right thing. This was a scary decision for me and my questions were answered completely. I was scared about how my credit score would be affected as well as what debt I could actually discharge and if I could find a place to rent to me after the bankruptcy. But after talking with the attorneys my fears were completely erased. They were complete and detailed in their answers to all my questions. I loved that there was always someone available to answer my questions. I never felt rushed out of the office and every different scenario was presented with great details. I also liked how prompt everyone was with responding to my emails. If you are considering bankruptcy I would tell you not to wait, call Hampton Roads Legal Services ASAP!

    M. Hopkins - Virginia Beach, VA
  • Credit Card Debt

    When I was looking for an attorney I was trying to find someone who had the easiest process and one that streamlined the process. As a single mom I needed to get everything done as quick as possible so my creditors didn't get judgments against me. I didn't really know what to expect when I cam in for my consultation, but after I left I felt at ease and felt confident about the process. Every one in the office was so friendly and really put me at ease and the communication was awesome! Not only would I recommend people to HRLS, I already have!

    T. Bailey
  • Concerned about making car payments

    I was struggling with paying my bills and concerned I wasn't going to make my car payments so I looked for someone that could help me when I found Hampton Roads Legal Services. I wanted to make sure that I found someone who would work with me on payments as well as putting in the effort to make the process move as quickly as possible and they had a 9 out of 10 rating so I was confident they could help. The firm made me feel that my concerns would be addressed and handled to my expectations. I loved that I had the ability to call and get my questions answered for things I didn't understand as the process was going on. I would absolutely recommend HRLS. 

  • House going into forclosure

    I was struggling with all of my bills then with a foreclosure in the near future I was scared I was going to lose my home. When I was considering filing for bankruptcy I was nervous about whether or not I could afford it as well as the expertise of the attorneys and whether they could help me, but when I left HRLS I felt relieved. The staff was great and the attorneys were very professional and confident in their legal knowledge. I left confident that they could do the job. I loved that everything was explained clearly to me and that the firm had payments that were broken up and even offered discounts! I would suggest to anyone who was considering bankruptcy, Hampton Roads Legal is the business to consider!

    Michael W. - Va. Beach, VA
  • Living off credit cards putting me further in debt, it was like standing in quicksand.

    I finally considered filing for bankruptcy when I realized that I just wasn't making enough money to cover all of my bills. This left me using credit cards to get by, which put me further and further into debt. I was concerned about the price and whether I could afford to file for bankruptcy considering I couldn't even pay my bills, but after speaking with Attorney Pfeiffer I left the office thinking that there was a solution for me. After going through the law firm I realized just how much goes into filing for bankruptcy and it would have been a huge amount of work to try and file on my own. The law firm had the expertise and the knowledge that was needed to help me file and the payments were realistic to get me to my fresh start. The whole process was straight forward and almost effortless. Hampton Roads Legal made everything painless. Thank you!  

    Dawn P. - Hampton, VA
  • Consolidation programs that aren't working

    Before I tried bankruptcy I attempted to do a consolidation program hoping it would get me back on track. But then two of my creditors got judgments against me and I was about to be garnished. At that point I knew that the consolidation program wasn't working! When I was thinking about filing I was really nervous that I wouldn't qualify for a Chapter 7 as well as the effect that the bankruptcy would have on my credit score. However after my consultation i felt relieved. The attorney was able to answer all of my questions an relieved a lot of my worries and concerns. Hampton Roads Legal made things simple by allowing me to do everything either over the phone or through email. I honestly cannot think of how this process could have gone any better. I was even able to get everything done in just under two months! HRLS was everything that a person going through this process would ever need. Thank you!

    Stephanie S. - Hampton, VA
  • Struggling with how to pay bills while also saving money

    I was struggling with how to structure my money to pay bills, and trying to save money to build up an emergency fund too. I was just trying to be a better planner. Bankruptcy scared me because I was concerned about working with an attorney - would they be there for me and give me the best advice for my case? At first I wasn't sure about the process, but after my first consultation with Attorney Pfeiffer everything was explained clearly to me and I was very happy. The team at Hampton Roads Legal got together to help me and point me in the right direction. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help! They have great attitudes and I felt like family to them. Not what I was expecting from an attorney! They helped me to start over and improve my financial situation, and taught me how to plan better so I have a stronger future. I will tell anyone that Hampton Roads Legal gets the job done and will do right by you! Thank you! 

    Troy C. - Portsmouth, VA
  • My household finances were a disaster before I filed for bankruptcy.

    When I finally decided to search for a bankruptcy attorney, my household financial situation was very bad. I did not like the idea of filing bankruptcy because I felt guilty about not being able to pay back my debts. It was overwhelming to think about the amount of work I had to do collecting my financial documents and finalizing the bankruptcy process. When I found Hampton Roads Legal Services, I knew they were on my side. The staff was honest and very informative when I had questions or concerns. My paralegal Alexandria was especially understanding! The staff obviously care about their clients, and the biggest benefit of using HRLS is how helpful they are. HR Legal is straightforward and they will work with you to their best ability. I would refer them to anyone else having financial problems.

    H.R. - Virginia Beach
  • I finally got the help I needed at Hampton Roads Legal Services!

    I was struggling with maintaining all my bills and finances when I began to look for a bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy scared me because I didn't know anything about the process, and I wanted an attorney who would explain it to me. After my first consultation with Attorney Pfeiffer, I felt I could finally get the help I needed! This law firm exemplified great customer service, and explained all the information about bankruptcy. They have great attorneys, and they understand how bankruptcy feels to a normal person. In general, all law firms should continue to make sure their clients know what to expect. I will absolutely refer someone to HR Legal Services because they helped me understand the bankruptcy process and gave me a fresh start!

    Reshawn, Portsmouth VA