This bankruptcy firm was very knowledgeable on all bankruptcy questions!

I was at the point where I was trying to have enough money to pay for basic living expenses, but the bills were piling up and making my credit score drop. I was worried when I came into Hampton Roads Legal Services about what would happen to all of my belongings including my car. But the attorney made me feel better and assured me that she could save it. I loved that the firm was very knowledgeable about the bankruptcy procedure and that I didn't have to do any of it alone. I also liked that there would be someone at all my court dates with me to help guide me so I wouldn't feel like I was alone in this. It was nice being able to remove all my debt and start fresh in order to start rebuilding my credit score and thankfully, because of Hampton Roads Legal Services, I didn't have to figure out the procedures and I was confident they could do it. I would definitely recommend Hampton Roads Legal Services because they were not only very knowledgeable but extremely helpful too!C. Swindell - Chesapeake, VA