I felt so good after I spoke to Attorney Pfeiffer about Chapter 13 bankruptcy!

I was struggling with my monthly bills, trying to at least keep those afloat, but I had bill collectors harassing me all day and night. I was very exhausted for trying to do it all on my own. I have filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy before, so I was familiar with the process. This was my first time filing Chapter 13, so I was a little concerned about the differences in the process. I felt so good after I spoke with Attorney Pfeiffer! She advised me on a lot of important details and outlined a better path for me to go as far as which bankruptcy chapter was best for me. The whole law firm is very detailed and organized, and they have perfect customer service. I was most impressed by their timeliness, organization, and my confidence in their privacy. In my opinion, Hampton Roads Legal Services is exceptional. I would tell anyone who is having financial difficulty to contact them because they are precise, and you will know you are in very good hands, no worries!


T.H., Virginia Beach