I honestly cannot think of any way this experience could have been better for me!

Before I tried bankruptcy I attempted to do a consolidation program hoping it would get me back on track. But then two of my creditors got judgments against me and I was about to be garnished. At that point I knew that the consolidation program wasn't working! When I was thinking about filing I was really nervous that I wouldn't qualify for a Chapter 7 as well as the effect that the bankruptcy would have on my credit score. However after my consultation i felt relieved. The attorney was able to answer all of my questions an relieved a lot of my worries and concerns. Hampton Roads Legal made things simple by allowing me to do everything either over the phone or through email. I honestly cannot think of how this process could have gone any better. I was even able to get everything done in just under two months! HRLS was everything that a person going through this process would ever need. Thank you!Stephanie S. - Hampton, VA