My house is not only my home but I have two young grandchildren living with me. I needed to find a way to save my house from foreclosure.

When I fell behind on my mortgage payments, I knew that I needed help to save the home that I had worked so hard to purchase. I was concerned about how filing a bankruptcy would reflect on my credit. I knew that I wanted to keep my house but I was concerned if I would be able to afford the Chapter 13 bankruptcy payments and my regular monthly mortgage payments. After meeting with Mrs. Pfeiffer, I felt relieved and I had peace of mind knowing that I still have a place to lay my head. Hampton Roads Legal Services was able to stop the foreclosure on my home.

I would definitely encourage anyone who is having financial difficulties to meet with Mrs. Pfeiffer and see what options they have. She will give you good legal advice. Don't try to handle this on your own.

P. Lee of Virginia Beach