I was afraid that I would lose my home to foreclosure but Mrs. Pfeiffer at Hampton Roads Legal Services showed me how I could keep my home through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

I was in a desperate situation and about to lose my home when I received a letter from Hampton Roads Legal Services. Mrs. Pfeiffer explained how I could keep my house through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. She told me the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and told me why a Chapter 13 bankruptcy would be best for me. Hampton Roads Legal Services had a payment plan that worked for me where I could make a down payment and then pay the balance. Everyone was great to work with. My questions were answered expeditiously. I was well prepared for my hearing.

Anyone who is facing a foreclosure should contact Hampton Roads Legal Services immediately. Mrs. Pfeiffer will show you how you can keep your home.

R.A.C., of Norfolk, Virginia