I was treated as a priority when going through my divorce.

I hired Hampton Roads Legal Services because during the free phone consultation, everything was explained in detail and my situation seemed important.  I was treated as a priority. 

I was concerned about cost because money is very tight.  I know divorces can drag on so I was concerned it would be a lengthy process.  I was concerned about how a divorce would affect my daughter, as I want her to be happy in both homes.

You were great in addressing my concerns.  I felt important.  Between my paperwork and Attorney Pfeiffer, everything was explained in detail.  You called in periodically to check on me, payments, and divorce status. 

I liked your speedy process & easy paperwork. You were friendly and everything was explained when I had questions or concerns.  Your services were excellent, and the process was easy, fast, and affordable. Thanks HRLS!

Marissa B., Virginia Beach, VA