Mrs. Pfeiffer at Hampton Roads Legal Services gave me the facts about filing for bankruptcy and showed me that what I had heard were urban myths.

Before I called Hampton Roads Legal Services to schedule an appointment, I did some research on line. After reading other clients reviews, I knew this was the firm I wanted to help me with my debt problems. However, I had heard that filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy would destroy my credit and make it more difficult to improve my credit score. Even though I was struggling to make ends meet, I wasn't sure if I was eligible to file a bankruptcy with the amount of debt I had. I was also concerned that I would lose my job if I filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Virginia.

When I met with Mrs. Pfeiffer, she addressed all my concerns and satisfied me that what I had heard was simply urban myths.I loved the flexibility that allowed me to manage my appointments around my busy work schedule. All of my questions were addressed timely and my case proceeded without any problems.

If you are struggling with bills, you need to schedule a consultation with Mrs. Pfeiffer to see if filing a bankruptcy is right solution for you.

S. Dix of Virginia Beach