This bankruptcy firm handles their clients with compassion

When I found myself struggling financially, I started searching for someone who could guide me with what would be a new start for me. I'm young and very unknowledgeable so I needed some clear guidance from a professional. Attorney Bradstreet provided me with detailed insight. She explained all the options I had and payment discounts that could be provided and all around made my initial fear of filing for bankruptcy disappear. It was a very pleasant experience. My questions were always answered promptly and everything that was expected from me was made clear from the initial visit. The firm provided clear guidelines and structure and had the ability to deal with people in stressful situations. I have met with several different lawyers for various reasons and I would love to see more law firms handle clients who are mentally tired and stressed, with the same compassion that I received here. I would absolutely recommend this firm to anyone in financial distress! K. Grater - Suffolk, VA