I wanted to file bankruptcy but wasn't sure if I could since I had filed before. I also needed to make sure that I could keep my car.

I was referred by a firend who told me that Hampton Roads Legal Services and Edrie Pfeiffer would be very helpful and would ease my fears about filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I wasn't sure if I would be able to file bankruptcy since I had filed previously. I had also worked hard to pay off my car and needed to be sure that I would be able to keep it. After meeting with Mrs. Pfeiffer, I was very satisfied. She and all her staff were outstanding. They were always available to answer my questions and concerns. I am very pleased with the services I received and now I feel so relieved. One of the best parts of the process was the discounts I had the opportunity to receive for being on time with payments and appointments. I would definitely tell someone who was having financial difficulties to speak with Mrs. Pfeiffer at Hampton Roads Legal Services.

V. Mills of Virignia Beach