Hampton Roads Legal Services made it easy for me to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Norfolk.

At first meeting with her, Attorney Edrie Pfeiffer gave me outstanding advice on how to better handle my finances in the future and a clear understanding of the bankruptcy process. Hampton Roads Legal Services gave me easy to follow directions on how to complete the forms which were very helpful. In addition, if I didn't understand something, I could call Hampton Roads Legal Services and they would explain it without a hesitation. They also provided me with information sheets that were helpful and easy to understand. Mrs. Pfeiffer provided me with excellent preparation for my hearing.

Filing bankruptcy has given me a chance to start over and handle my finances better. To assist with that, I have taken two courses on credit. The best part of this process was working closely with my attorney, Mrs. Pfeiffer, to make sure that all my paperwork was in order.


E.E. Whitaker Jr. of Virginia Beach