Student Loans Caused Me to File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

I consulted with two other attorneys and Attorney Pfeiffer was the only one who understood that the root of my debt derived from student loans and should not be handled as a typical bankruptcy.  What I needed most was information on the best course of action to solve my crisis.  I liked the books that were offered to me as well as the information on the website. 

My mother was a co-debtor on my student loans and I was most concerned about protecting her assets during the bankruptcy process.  I needed to regain control of my finances by making them manageable and stopping collection actions from creditors.  I was concerned about rebuilding my credit because I am hoping to purchase a loft in NYC. 

Ms. Pfeiffer explained to me that a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy would protect my mother as a co-debtor and would allow me a certain amount of years to work on my finances before resuming regular payments of my student loans. 

I appreciated Patty's friendly customer service and prompt replies to emails, as well as responses from Annette and Colleen. 

As a result of the filing, the calls and threats have stopped and I can calmly and peacefully restore my finances. 





S.J., Virginia Beach