Thanks to the help from the Hampton Roads Legal team

Recently there has been a lot of good news for my family and we wanted to share it with you and the staff. It seems like yesterday call after call from creditors, repo trucks driving past the house, notices at work and so much more. But, thanks to the help from the Hampton Roads Legal team we were able to file and receive a fresh start with a discharge of debts. We have not missed a payment or have any late payments my mid score is 735. And it gets even better we recently got approved for a Va backed 3.25% loan and close on our home February 22 with a mortgage cheaper than our rent.We tried for years to hold off creditors with the pride of not wanting to file bankruptcy but, in the end it was the smartest thing we could have ever done. We are so grateful for you and the staff and thank you all for your help and support!! 

DG of Chesapeake, VA