Hampton Roads Legal Services really knows what is going on when it comes to bankruptcy and how to make the process smooth.

An attorney friend referred me to Hampton Roads Legal Services and I am really glad that he did. I was concerned about understanding the process of filing for bankruptcy and how long it would take to complete the process. When I arrived at my first appointment, I was given a book about Bankruptcy written by Edrie Pfeiffer. I really enjoyed the book. It was very informative ad eased my mind on a lot of the proocess involved in the case.

After retaining Hampton Roads Legal Services, I found that they had made it very easy to get through the process. Everything was organized, which made getting all the paperwork together easy. They were also very easy to contact if I had questions and answered them promptly.

If you are facing financial difficulties you should contact Hampton Roads Legal Services. They really know what they are doing and make the process extremely smooth.

Sean H. of Chesapeake, Virginia