They were with me all the way!

I felt hopeless before I reached out to Hampton Roads Legal Services. I was concerned about finding a reputable and caring attorney who was knowledgeable about all aspects of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as well as the expense. After my first consultation, I felt like I had gotten some clarity in how the process works in the legal system, as well as how my personal situation fit into the process. What I liked most about this firm was the professional, knowledgeable and caring employees - from the receptionist to the paralegals & lawyers. I also enjoyed the timely delivery of services, from email responses to court filings. Some of the top benefits of hiring this firm was having a professional, knowledgeable paralegal assigned to my case. I always knew that someone was on top of my case, and I didn't have to repeat my story every time I called/emailed with questions. It also felt very comforting to have an attorney with me at my 341 hearing!