If Someone Told You All Your Debt Could Disappear Tomorrow, Would You Tell Them You Want To Wait Another Week?

7 Reasons to Stop Ignoring Finances

If Someone Told You All Your Debt Could Disappear Tomorrow, Would You Tell Them You Want To Wait Another Week?

We all have felt the temptation to put things off at some point, especially when it comes to a challenging task or difficult decision. Unlike putting off grocery shopping or house cleaning for a short while, even a minor delay in dealing with your debts can lead to serious consequences. Here are 7 reasons why procrastination is an especially bad idea when it comes to filing for a bankruptcy:

  1. You might lose your house. If a foreclosure sale has been scheduled, at minimum, an emergency bankruptcy filing must be completed prior to the scheduled date and time to stop the foreclosure and save your house.
  2. You might miss the opportunity of getting your vehicle back. Once your lender has repossessed your car, there are only 10 calendar days available for you to file a bankruptcy to get back your car.
  3. You might miss the deadline for recovering your garnished funds. Not only can a bankruptcy filing stops a garnishment, it may also help you recover the garnished funds, but this is only possible if your case is filed before the scheduled hearing date.
  4. You might no longer be able to afford to file a bankruptcy. It saddens us to see some potential clients who would have received their financial freedom if they started earlier, but instead they waited, and as a result could no longer afford an attorney when 25% of their pays are being garnished.
  5. You may unintentionally take actions that create complications for your bankruptcy filing. Certain things can raise red flags for your bankruptcy filing. Some examples include: transferring your assets, making payments to certain creditors, and making large purchases or cash advances.
  6. Most firms, including ours, might charge you a higher fee. We are a high-volume firm and will charge you a higher fee if we have to expedite your case and put you before all the other clients we have, in order to meet your deadline.
  7. Worst of all, we might not be able to help you anymore. Filing a bankruptcy requires full disclosure of your financial circumstances and we need enough time to do our due diligence. If you have waited too long, there might not be enough time left for any attorney to prepare a petition for you in time.

I understand that filing for a bankruptcy can be overwhelming, and it seems complex and scary to almost everyone. My suggestion is that you focus on starting, rather than finishing. If you have ten minutes, you can start dealing with your debts by calling us to schedule a free consultation. From there, we will create a plan for you and guide you through the process. If you follow the plan step-by-step, you will soon discover that obtaining debt relief through bankruptcy is not as difficult as you might have imagined it to be. Your fresh start is right around the corner, you just need to stop standing still! Give our office a call to discuss your options!

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