I need a credit card for emergencies, can I keep a credit card when I file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Many individuals want to keep a credit card out of their bankruptcy case so they have a card for emergencies. When you file a bankruptcy case, you have to list everyone that you owe money to. There are not exceptions. However, if you have a credit card account with a $0 balance, you do not owe money to that creditor and the account does not have to be listed. But before you try to pay off a credit card in order to keep it open, you need to understand that most credit card companies receive notice of all bankruptcy filings even if they are not listed. The credit card companies will close all open accounts regardless if there is a balance.

You are better off getting a new credit card after you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy if you have to have a credit card for emergencies.

If you are struggling with paying off your credit card debt, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the solution for you. Contact Hampton Roads Legal Services today at 320-2010 to schedule an appointment with attorney Edrie Pfeiffer. She will explain how a Chapter 13 bankruptcy could help you get out of debt.

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