My Ex and I Never Married - How Do We Determine Custody Now That We've Split?

Unmarried couples have a less complicated separation process than divorced couples, and typically custody is simplified as well.  In Virginia, the mother is usually awarded sole physical custody unless the father takes action to secure some form of custody. 

The unmarried couple can establish a parenting plan that will be filed with the court, detailing custody and visitation as well as health care, education, religion, and how to handle potential changes to the arrangement (someone gets married, someone moves). If the couple cannot agree on the terms above, one or both may request that the judge decide the issues at a contested hearing.

The Court will base it's decisions on custody and visitation using the standard of what is in the best interest of the child and who has been the primary caregiver for the child.  Factors considered include the mental/physical health of both parents and child, parent’s lifestyle, parent’s ability to provide food, clothing, and shelter, the emotional bond between parent and child, and the child’s preference. 

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