Stop collections actions against the co-signor of a debt through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

If you are unable to get credit based on your credit alone, you may have needed to have a co-signer on the loan. Now you need to file bankruptcy but are concerned about the co-signor. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can protect your co-signor from collection actions. However, to protect the co-signor, the attorney who is assisting you with your bankruptcy must know if a loan has a co-signor. Remember it does not matter whose name is first on the paperwork, a creditor is free to collect from anyone who signed the loan paperwork.

If you have co-signed debts and want to protect the co-signor from collection action, contact Hampton Roads Legal Services at 757-276-6555, We will schedule you a free consultation to discuss how bankruptcy can help you.

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